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Are you planning a trip?

Dengue can lead to a wide spectrum of symptoms, from the rather mild or unnoticeable (which is most often the case) to those that may require medical intervention, hospitalization, or in extreme cases, it may even result in death.1


Ensure your travels are memorable for the right reasons with these common tips on avoiding mosquitoes and dengue fever.


Health preparation:

  1. Contact your doctor early: Discuss dengue preventative measures well in advance.2


  2. Vaccines have recently become available for dengue and several are also in development: Ask your healthcare provider for more information.3,4


  3. Documentation: It is advisable to carry a copy of your prescriptions, a letter from your doctor, and translations of any medical documents.5


  4. If you need to take prescription medications with you for existing conditions: Ensure you have enough for your trip and check the rules for all the countries you're going to. Some countries will have different regulations about the types of medicine they allow to be taken into the country and the maximum quantity you can take in.5


Information gathering:

  1. Proactive steps begin with thorough research about your destination. Learn more about the risk at your travel destination with this risk checker.


Precautions against dengue-carrying mosquitoes:

  1. Be environmentally aware: Be especially cautious in warm climates, especially during or after rainy seasons.1


  2. Pack smart: Carry insect repellents (for example, DEET), loose-fitting clothing, and permethrin-treated clothing.6,7


  3. Sleep safely: Use mosquito nets treated with insecticide to protect against day and night-biting mosquitoes.6


Travel insurance basics:

  1. Purchase travel insurance with the appropriate cover: You may want to get insurance as soon as possible after you have booked your trip. It is also a good idea to take your insurance policy details with you when you travel.8


  2. Important coverages to consider:8

  • Emergency treatment and hospital bills

  • Emergency transport, for example an ambulance or helicopter

  • Emergency repatriation for medical reasons

  • A new ticket to come home if you can’t use your original ticket

  • The cost of a family member or friend to stay with you or help you home

  • 24-hour assistance helplines to advise you about appropriate treatment

  • Repatriation costs in the event of death abroad


By embracing these measures, travelers can help to make their journeys memorable for all the right reasons – adventure, discovery, and good memories.


You can read more about risk factors for dengue here.



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